Your pets are a part of your family too. And they deserve to be protected as much as anyone else. When your fur baby has a sickness or injury, veterinarian bills can tend to get out of hand rather quickly. You shouldn’t have to

worry about not being able to afford coverage. We provide the best coverage for medical bills to make sure that your little ones remain part of your life for years to come.

Health Insurance for Pets

It’s not easy for a pet parent to refuse the treatment their pet needs because of the cost. Pet health insurance makes it easier to say yes to recommended treatments. Manage those unexpected healthcare costs for your pets with a pet insurance policy from Wiewel Insurance Agency. Our pet insurance policies cover most accidents or illnesses that are not pre-existing and you can choose any licensed veterinarian.

Pet Insurance Coverage

A vet bill for one condition can total hundreds to thousands of dollars. Our pet insurance policy options can include preventive care coverage, exams fees, and costs of diagnostics and treatment for accidents, illnesses, hereditary conditions and behavioral issues. We offer customizable coverage options to fit what’s right for you and your pet.

Dog Insurance

Dog Insurance

When man’s best friend gets sick or hurt, the last thing you want to think about is how much your vet bill will cost. From puppies to senior dogs, you never know what kind of mischief your dog will land you in the vet emergency room. From a bee sting to hereditary or chronic conditions like cancer or life-threatening diseases, we can make sure you are covered from those unexpected vet bills with affordable dog insurance from Wiewel Insurance Agency.

Cat Insurance

Cat Insurance

Protect your feline friend from the unexpected with an affordable cat insurance policy from Wiewel Insurance Agency. Cats may think they have nine lives and will often not let danger stop them from eating things they shouldn’t, darting out the door onto a busy street or leaping from extreme heights. Accidents happen, but cats can also get sick or have a hereditary or chronic issue like kidney disease. Be sure you are protected with a cat insurance policy to cover those unexpected vet bills.

Pet Insurance Quotes

Our pet insurance experts can create a policy for your dog or cat that fits your budget. Contact Wiewel Insurance Agency today to get a free quote!